Though different brands often require different writing styles, browsing the samples below will help you understand my unique voice and what I can offer your business. Each section below focuses on a different genre of content marketing. Feel free to just explore the sections most relevant to you. 

The blog post section contains pdfs of pieces that I researched, wrote, and then optimized for Google search. They appear on client sites under the name of the business owner and are republished here by client permission. Under copywriting, follow the links to view company websites written by Page Writing Pages. The links in the social media section will lead you to the company channels that I have managed.

If you like what you see below or have additional questions, contact me. I look forward to chatting with you.

Real Estate and Small Business Blogs

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Colorado Springs Mortgage Calculator*

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Best Neighborhoods in Colorado Springs*

Photo by Max Vakhtbovych on Pexels.com

Solar Tempering*

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What is a Spec Home?*

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Grants for Buying, Building, and Remodeling a Home in 2021*

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Guide to Selling a Home with Solar Panels*

Social Media Management

The Thrive Networks Facebook and LinkedIn

News Articles

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Dreams on Hold: These Greeley business owners had plans to expand before the pandemic.

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High school athletes in Greeley practiced all summer for the love of the game. Now, fall sports seasons are postponed.


Coming Soon

Scripts and Narration

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Molly Brown Brass Band Performance

* Ghostwritten articles used with client permission.

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